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Santa Fe, a 2 year old female purebred golden, came to us from a family who had a dog that didn’t like her. We find that hard to believe because everyone likes this dog! (That dog isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.) Anyway, Santa Fe wanted her own family and a new name. So, she got both. Today, she has a pretty name – LIBBY and she has a new family all her own. A mom who teaches 3rd grade, a DAD who is an airline pilot and two twin sisters who can’t fool LIBBY! And, she has a real bunny rabbit. When Libby gets real brave, she is going to go to Mom’s school and have Mom read the book SPARKLES – cause it’s about a rescued golden retriever just like LIBBY. Thanks Mom & Dad & Sis & Sis. Let’s play tennis ball – bunny can play too.