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I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS!!  I was just told that an angel named Wendy Wilson is my very own sponsor because she sent $750 to pay for my HW medicine.  I am totally barkless because I only asked a short time ago if there was a sponsor out there for me and Wendy said, “YES”.  Hugs and kisses to you my angel!!!

I have heartworms (just like my friend Bella) and we are sad and scared because we want to find our new families and we don’t want to die.  Heartworms are really bad things and we each need angel sponsors to send the $750 it costs to make us each healthy again.  I am 6 and, like Bella, have only known a life of living outside and having puppies.  My last was here at AGA and they are adopted and in new homes.  To think that families are waiting for all of us is so exciting.  I need people who know about breeder dogs because we are often different from dogs raised in family homes.  For myself, I am a bit shy and need to learn about confidence.  That means being more sure of myself!  I need another dog in my new family so I can learn from her (or him).  I always try to be sweet to everyone and (good news) I am house trained.  Please meet me soon!  Love and hugs from Sky

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