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Sophie, a 7-8 year old purebred female golden has a story that is heartbreaking. She was found on US 41 near the Chattahoochee River on Thanksgiving weekend. A kind couple who had just moved to Atlanta saw her in the middle of traffic and turned around to get her. She came right to them. The next day they took her to the Humane Society who said she was too old and had heartworms and would be put down. They quickly put her back in their car and went to the web and found us. In addition to having a severe case of heartworms, Sophie had hookworms, a thyroid condition and was in heat! But the vet said she has been well taken care of. He thinks she was a breeder dog who was dumped down by the river where people walk their dogs. She has had several litters. Well, it took months to get Sophie well. Then we had to find her a special family. She had been in our program for 6 months and through it all, Sophie had been a good girl — always happy to be safe and warm. She knew we would find someone who would see how special she really was. That day finally arrived. They met Sophie and in an instant they knew she was perfect and Sophie knew it too. Have you ever seen a happier golden? Mom and Dad haven’t been married very long and Sophie is their first redhaired girl. Sophie is already the light of their lives and we know she will be very spoiled. She deserves it. Sophie is packing her bags again but this time it’s off to Hilton Head to visit the grandparents. We can just see Sophie laying on the beach sunning herself sipping a dogarrita.