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Well, wouldn’t you be nervous too just coming from a place you have lived for a year and a half into a brand new situation?  Thank goodness for my AGA foster who is helping me get used to a lot of new things.  I still forget you have to go outside for some things so you don’t have accidents inside the house.  (HINT) You have to go to the door and then look at the person.  They usually catch on.  Sometimes you might have to whine a little.  My foster is helping with that as well as learning to walk on that leash thing.  One day I am going to something called a “groomer”.  I hope it is not too scary but my foster says it will feel good and to just relax.  So much to learn but I want to be ready for my new home and family.  Maybe you could come and meet me one day?  Your good boy, Tee

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