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Hello everyone!   I am a newcomer to AGA and would like to tell you a little about myself.  I have been living “rough” with my owner for a while now inside an old car.  He took me to the animal shelter because he couldn’t take care of me anymore.  I knew that was the end of me because not many people go there looking for a senior dog to adopt.  Some say I could be 14 years old.  My coat is not in very good shape and I am pretty skinny since there has been very little food for me.  I also had a bunch of fleas and am some kind of a “mix” breed dog.  My coat is the color of a golden retriever but that’s about all I can tell you for sure.  If you see my ears you might think I’m part YODA (smile).  When someone told AGA that I was in a shelter a driver came for me almost at once.  What a relief!  I have been checked over by my new doctor and my report is a good one.  I have some other medical things to do but then I’ll be ready for adoption.  I want very little.  Just a soft bed, someone to walk with me and a family with no other dogs as I do kind of like to be the boss-dog.  Oh, and yes, I would love to know I will have a good meal everyday and plenty of love.  I am so relieved to be able to feel safe and now to be wanted is all I need.  Thank you from a very grateful Toby

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