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SADLY, WELLSLEY WAS HIT BY A CAR THIS MORNING (10/19)ON A ROAD IN NEWNAN. SHE WASN’T FAR FROM WHERE SHE HAD BEEN SITED EARLIER. SHE WAS STILL WEARING HER PINK COLLAR AND LEASH. SHE WILL BE BURIED ON A HILL OVERLOOKING THE GOLF COURSE WHERE SHE RAN FREE. Update: Wellsley is missing in Newnan. She got away from her foster mom about 10 days ago and she has been missing since. She has been spoted several times dragging her pink leash behind her but no one has been able to catch her. Think positive thoughts for our Wellsley and pray she will be returned to us safe and sound. ABOUT WELLSLEY: Wellsley is a 5 year old purebred female golden. She was living where a backyard breeder had lived. The property was abandoned and so was she. She had been living underneath the old house. She is very shy and needs someone who will have lots of TLC and patience so that Wellsley can start trusting people again. She is healthy and very sweet. She obviously gets along with other dogs.