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I am not quite six, but almost.  I lived in a kennel with many other dogs and was a breeder dog.  I, Nana, Buddy and Button have only ever known the life of breeder dogs.  Now our owner says it’s time to retire and asked AGA for help so here we are!  If you think about adopting one of us please remember we have lived very different lives than most family dogs.  We lived in kennels.  We are probably not housebroken.  We may not have good social skills.  In my case, if another dog is in my new home, I can be bossy so keep that in mind.  We absolutely need fences and people, including children especially, need to understand that an open door might be an invitation to run.  So many new things for breeder dogs!  Please read on about what my friends have to say.  Lots of love Winter

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