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I’ve thought a lot about the golden retriever breed lately – maybe because I now share my life with three goldens:  Redford (1), Annie (4) and Ben (7).  In the last few years I have lost six of my beloved goldens – Buckley (8), Abby (9), Logan (12), Trooper (14), Finn (15) and Holden Golden (8).  What I wouldn’t do for one more day with them.  It makes the reason for AGA even more special.  When we established AGA we decided to focus on owners who needed to surrender their golden retriever and felt they could no longer care for their golden for any reason.  We did not care why they couldn’t keep their golden any longer.  We found out giving up your golden was always a gut-wrenching decision to make and we had to be understanding and try to be in those owners’ shoes for one minute.   

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