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A Message from the President and Founder, Lauren Genkinger

I hope you and your families are slowly getting back to “normal” and have remained healthy.

Hopefully, you have started following our newest arrivals, the China dogs. All 15 are safe in their foster homes, and 3 have found their forever homes! We are still waiting for the next 9 to leave China and get here. It has been a very expensive rescue, as you can imagine, but so worthwhile. For the first time in their lives, these dogs are stepping on grass, playing with a toy, seeing what love is after they’ve spent their entire lives without being loved, cuddled, kissed, or hugged.

Fortunately, they are healthy and LOVE attention. Please help us bring the other 9 over to America safely. They need you now more than ever! If you’ve been waiting for a golden, please reach out to us and we’ll help you meet one of them and help you with a transition to your family! The adoption fee is higher than our normal cost, but their transportation to the US is a bit more expensive. It’s a very long flight.

Thank you for supporting this important rescue. Please give, if you can, so we can get the remaining 9 into safe and snuggly forever homes.

With gratitude,


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