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I can’t believe it’s the end of the year when I get to reflect on the entire year and what we accomplished together. It’s time to thank each of you for the time and money you give to this organization; my friends know how important AGA is to me. It has been my true passion for 16 years and I’ve devoted much of my life and soul to it – you know I will do anything that has to be done to save or help a golden. I’m happy to tell you we rescued and rehomed over 150 golden retrievers in the last 12 months. I do believe “a house is not a home without a golden” and all of you know what I mean. I know 4,600 families who adopted an AGA golden know exactly what I mean. My heart is full when I think of those families and goldens. I often can’t find the words to explain why this organization means so much to me. I have met the most wonderful, generous people in the world through AGA. People who love golden retrievers are so very special – just like a golden!

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