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A Message from the President and Founder, Lauren Genkinger

I’m sure you will all agree we are happy to see 2020 behind us and are already seeing better things on the horizon in 2021.

AGA is excited to partake in rescuing dogs from China in 2021. As you’re aware, we began the Turkey rescue efforts in 2015 and many rescues around the US are continuing to bring in dogs from Turkey. We are so excited to expand our International efforts and be a part of the China Dogs Rescue effort! We are working hard to bring as many goldens out of China, keeping them from the horrible fate of the meat market. Our first 15 dogs from China will be arriving at the beginning of March. The excitement among each of our volunteers is palpable and we couldn’t imagine anything better to kick off 2021 than an amazing rescue like this.

As we have been preparing to welcome our 15 China dogs, the call call came to help more Goldens. We are thrilled to announce another 24 dogs are coming directly from the meat slaughter that will be flying in a few days after the first group of 40 arrive. AGA is excited to be receiving 9 of the 24 coming in on the second plane. Of course, none of this happens without the help of our unbelievable donors.

Below are photos of the 24 Goldens from China we are welcoming into the AGA family!

With much gratitude,


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