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Our biggest fundraiser for the entire year is almost here. We are having a fall gala because we are running short on our fundraising so far this year. We have lots of goldens who need us to help with medical issues, behavioral issues and simply help them start their life over. Many have not been able to enjoy a golden life and we want to help them have that. So go to our website and click on the gala logo and think about becoming a sponsor. It’s going to be a grand evening at the Atlanta History Center and we are going to celebrate the birth of the first golden retriever over 150 years ago in Scotland. The color for the evening is tartan plaid. Our special guest will be Oscar, the singing golden who was on America’s Got Talent where he impressed Simon Cowell for singing on key! We will also select the Golden of Courage winner and show his brave story on video. Don’t miss the best golden party in town. See you there!

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