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I just came from a breeding farm where the owner decided to retire and was trying to find homes for the leftover dogs. A rescue group told AGA that I needed help and here I am. It is so exciting to be on my way to finding a new home after 8 years. Sadly though, my new doctor has found that I have heartworms. If only I had been given the medicine I needed to keep that from happening. But now it is something I need help with so I can have many more years ahead of me. I need to pay for my shots and they cost $1,000. That’s a lot, I know, so maybe more than one person can help? I have never asked for anything before and it’s a hard thing to do. I am getting lots of love here and people say I am a sweet boy. I love all people, other dogs, walks on my leash and when you meet me, I will offer my paw to show you how polite and kind I am. Thank you for reading about me and I know some helpers are out there to donate towards my HW treatment. I know because the AGA angels are everywhere and they won’t let me down. Much love and kisses from Bodi

P.S. – I can’t believe it! I no more than asked for golden lovers to help me pay for my heartworm treatment and there she was! Wendy Wilson is not only an angel, she is a very fast angel and a very generous one! Yep – she sent me $500 to cover half of the costs! Thank you Wendy. You make me believe that everything is going to be OK.

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