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I just had a birthday this month and now I am 8 years old.  My family had to move and I couldn’t go with them.  I feel kind of lost and not sure what’s ahead for me but everyone is being kind and told me they will find another home for me with people who love me.  I like all people and want to be their friend, although sometimes I am careful around strangers.  I like cats, but with dogs I like to choose my own pals.  I am a good walker on a leash and you won’t have to worry about accidents inside the house.  I have gained more weight than I should so a diet is ahead for me.  That is something I will need help from in my new family.  Maybe you’d like to come and meet me and even if you are a stranger to me I think I can get acquainted really fast!  If you are my new family I really want to meet you!  Your friend-to-be, Buddha

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