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I was an AGA dog when I was just over a year old.  I was adopted for four years and now I am a 6 year old fellow – part Golden and part Great Pyr.  Now I am looking for a new home.  I have had quite a lot of “training” because I have some challenging behaviors that are hard for me to lose.  I am an independent boy and sometimes have options of my own that aren’t the same as my person.  I think that may be from the Pyr side of my family as we were bred to be in charge.  I am active and full of energy which may lead to my jumping up or “mouthing”.  I am also a bit cautious about new people until I get to know them.  On the other hand, I have some very positive behaviors so I will tell you what they are.  First, I love walking on my leash with my person.  Car rides would be a favorite too because there is so much to see out the windows!  I even like relaxing in my crate and playing with my blanket.  I also really love having pets and scratches!  With all that said, it does not completely describe me but gives you an overall picture.  I am looking for a family (no kids please) or one person who is very patient and will work with me to make a good “team”.  I hope you will come to meet me and maybe you will think you can give me a chance but most importantly, a home.  Thank you for understanding.  Charlie

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