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I’m a girl dog almost a year and a half old, and I’m looking for a new home.  My owner has to work a lot and can’t give me the attention I want.  Right now, I am staying in a foster home and I love the golden retriever that lives here but as far as the other dog, a Cocker Spaniel, not so much!  I guess you can’t be expected to like everyone can you?  I don’t like to be left alone and will bark and bark if you leave me all by myself.  I don’t bark if another dog is left with me (one that I like).  I get along just fine with cats, all people, and I’ve learned how to give kisses.  I know a few commands and my house manners are perfect.  My favorite sport is swimming so if I could find a nice place with water I would love that!  Could you please come and meet me and maybe we would be the perfect combination?  Lots of love from Charlie Girl