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Conroy, an 18 month old male, was found up in North Carolina as a stray. We think he had been hit by a car because he had a broken pelvis. Conroy is still recuperating but now he has a wonderful forever mom to help him through the recovery process. That’s right, Conroy has found his forever home and he couldn’t have found a better place to get back on his paws. Conroy will be mom’s only dog and he is sure to be spoiled rotten. Mom is a volunteer at Canine Assist Alpharetta and a true dog lover. She recently lost her 13 year old Springer spaniel to cancer so Conroy fills a special place in her heart. Conroy is so lucky, not only does he have a young granddaughter that comes to visit, mom has lots of friends, two and four legged, who he will get to play with all the time. No more wandering those dangerous roads for this guy. Now Conroy is sure to be by his mom’s side forever!