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My Angel Team is growing!!
I just heard that Virginia Lane sent $100 to help with the cost of my HW medicine and Jennifer Gleason and Kathy Farnon EACH sent me $250 to help also.  Whoopee!!!  Such kind and generous people – I guess that’s why they are called angels!!  Thank you all SO much from me and AGA!! GOOD NEWS AHEAD!

One of my sweet little daughters is my fist donating angel!  She and her new parents sent me $50 towards my heartworm fund and I am so proud to know she (and they) are thinking of me and want to help.  Thanks so much baby girl BELLINI and her new family!

I am new to AGA and just two years old.  I have been a dad to some puppies but now I am so happy to hear that I will soon be a family dog.  However, I was NOT happy to hear that the doctor found out that I have heartworms.  What possible news could be worse?  It means I need $1,000 to pay for the medicine I need to make me healthy.  It seems like a lot to ask but maybe more than one person could “team up” and sponsor my treatment?  As I said, I am only 2 years old and really, really want to live a long life.  I am friendly to other dogs, love soft beds and toys and sitting on peoples’ laps.  I think I have the makings of the perfect new addition to a family.  Why don’t you come and meet me and see if you agree?  Lots of love to everyone, your friend Duke

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