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Ellie, an 8 year old purebred female golden was turned into an Augusta dog shelter with Jazz nearly 4 months ago. She was so sweet and simply devoted to Jazz that we had to keep them together. We had found a wonderful foster home and Ellie and Jazz were happy but we just didn’t think someone was going to come along and want them both. We were wrong. A wonderful family in Savannah saw them on the website and just knew they were the right ones. This family had recently lost their 16 and 20 year old goldens (yes, you read those ages right). Within 48 hours, we had the homevisit done and they were in Atlanta. Today, Ellie (and Jazz) are in Savannah with their new Mom and Dad who are retired which means never having to be alone again. They live on the water and also have a home in Jackson Hole. Can you say spoiled? Ellie thinks it is well deserved and she is loving it (along with the treat jars in every room).Best of all, Ellie still has Jazz right next to her.