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Emerald is a 12 week old female purebred golden who is all puppy. Her family had to move suddenly and she was given to a neighbor who took her because he feared they would take her to the pound. He called us because he already had several dogs. Emerald is a typical wonderful golden puppy and we had a family who had been waiting for her. They were neighbors of another one of our dogs and they had fallen for her. They drove all the way up from Tampa, Florida to get Emerald who is now Kaydee. Kaydee has a Mom and Dad and two boys to raise and a doggy sister, Peanut who has promised to show her how to swim… yep, this pup now has her very own pool which is a pre-requisite for relaxing in Florida. Oh, yes – there is that cat too. We know Kaydee is going to have a great life — when last seen she was fast asleep on her long journey — getting practice on how to lounge by the pool.