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Emmy was found wandering and a kind family took her in. Emmy is a 2 year old female lab with maybe a little golden in her. She is very friendly and loves people. She is good with dogs and cats. And she is great with people — big and small. She had been adopted and then went to get spayed. Emmy was very uncomfortable when she got home from her operation and wouldn’t let her incision alone. She was very aggitated and just wanted to be left alone. The little kids didn’t understand and she snapped at them. We took Emmy back to the vet and let her heal completely and then placed her in a foster home where she was great with kids. On a walk one day, Emmy met a family in the neighborhood who immediately fell in love with her. They just had to have her. Emmy now has a Dad and stay at home Mom and two kids to raise and, she has 5 cats and one bearded dragon. Since she is the only dog, Emmy loves it!