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What a sad story Fergie was. She was found on an Alabama road all by herself. A kind woman stopped and decided she couldn’t leave her. She stopped at some houses along the road and a man told her that her family had left her about 2 years ago! She had no one and was just surviving. this kind woman who had never had a dog before and didn’t know too much about caring for one knew she had to take her with her. This dog deserved a better life. Back in Atlanta, she became a new dog. This kind woman placed her in our program and offered to foster her until a forever home was found. All the burrs and matts were removed from her beautiful coat. She was treated for heartworms and cured. She gained weight. She found love. She liked the cats! Then this kind woman found her the perfect home. A couple had recently lost their senior golden and realized they were lost without golden hair and golden nudges. Fergie lives in a big house on lots of acreage in the country. She shares the inside with her cats and the outside with her deer. Dad works from home so Fergie will never be alone again. Mom adores her. We will never know what Fergie went through in those two lonely years but we do know Fergie has found love.