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TEAM GOLDIE SAVES THE DAY!!!  I can’t believe this happened!  It seems I just can’t stop being rescued!  First the shelter, then AGA and then a fellow golden named Dexter, an AGA Nashville Alum!  I had no idea dogs had money but he sent $1,000 for my medical fund.  WOW!!  He must have a very important job, to be so generous.  Thank you Dexter – I hope I can get an important job like yours one day and return the favor to another dog that needs HW medicine!

I really, really need your help!!!  I and a dog friend were lost and then found by a kind person who did her best to find out where I belonged.  No one was looking for us and the shelter was too full to take more dogs.  She couldn’t take us either because she already had a bunch of dogs.  It was such good news to hear that AGA would help me.  My new doctor found that I have even more problems because I have heartworms.  More than anything, I need a sponsor or sponsors to pay for my treatment which costs $1,000.  To me, that sounds like an impossible amount to get but maybe with your help it will happen.  Right now I can’t tell you much about me although I am a little over 1 year old and a fun, loving boy who likes all people, kids and other dogs.  Cats?  I have never met one so I’m not sure.  I have already learned house manners so that is a big plus in my book!!  Why not ask about me?  Lots of hugs from Goldie