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My foster is very proud of me because all of the changes she has seen in me are good ones.  I have learned  what it’s like to be loved by a family and I have been able to love them right back.  I am the sweet girl I was meant to be!  I have found I am content in the company of people and it’s not necessary for another dog to be in my new home, however it’s O.K. if there is.  I am SO ready for my new home even though I will miss my foster.

From a breeder dog to a retiree to an orphan and to who knows what next?  My first choice is to become a family member which is something I know very little about.  I am  8 now and kind of on the smaller size and even a bit shorter than some other girl goldens.  I am not a “bossy” dog and get along with my other dog friends.  My foster says I am quickly learning about house manners and walking on a leash while staying sweet and loving.  I am, just now, finishing with my health check but will soon be ready to take that big step towards finding my new home and family.  I know there are a lot of new things ahead of me (and my new family) but we can learn together!  I would so appreciate a play yard with a fence to make me feel secure and possibly even another dog that is kind and gentle because I am used to the company of other dogs.  I am very excited to meet you.  Please come soon!  Kisses from Grace

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