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I ended up in a shelter for lost dogs but thanks to the nice people there who called AGA, I am an official Orphan with my new friends.  I am between three and four years old and just 21 pounds.  Yep, that means I am not going to get any bigger.  I might be part golden and I might be part some other little size dog but I’m not sure.  I have heard people call me a “pocket golden” but I looked and looked and I can’t find any pockets on me.  I looked in the front and in the back and on my head.  Nope!  Nothing!  I wouldn’t mind a pocket or two to keep treats in but since there are none that I can find I guess I’ll just have to eat whatever treats I get!  How about asking to meet me?  I am ready to find a new home so please give AGA a call?  Lots of love from Huey

P.S. – I don’t think any dogs have pockets unless they are part kangaroo.

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