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Hi everyone!  I came to AGA to find a new home ’cause my owner has been sick and can’t take care of me any longer.  Yes, I am a 4 year old doodle girl and a big one for sure!  All my 84 pounds rolled up into a lap full of fluffy curls.  Speaking of fluffy, I am so scared of the buzzing noise that the groomer’s clippers make so I need special care when going to the dog spa.  My doctor has taken good care of me but a few weeks ago I had to have a test to see why I had a tiny seizure.  Nothing showed up to explain it.  I have a 9 year old grandson.  I love playing with him, other friendly dogs, am house trained and have some experience with crates.  I love my chew toys and taking walks on my leash and playing fetch, but I am just a bit careful around strangers, but get used to them very quickly.  Isn’t it time for a nice, fuzzy girl in your family?  Come and meet me and we can talk it over.  Hugs from Josie
P.S.  I love chasing leaves – do you have any at your house?