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My foster mom says I am a SUPER STAR girl!  I have learned so much since I came to stay with her and this is what she says.  I am a six year old whose favorite sports are swimming and anything to do with tennis balls.  I love them for chasing, holding, carrying around – anything!  How could a 100%, true blue, authentic, genuine golden NOT love a tennis ball?  I know house manners and rules and what some words mean like “sit” and how to walk on a leash and share with another dog.  I am not afraid of storms but do consider it part of my “watchdog” duties to bark when a delivery person knocks on the door, just to let my foster know and maybe they have something for me!  You never know!  I’m still working on “no begging” when the people are eating at the table but I just have to remind myself I will get my own food when they are done.  I am not fond of going somewhere in the car.  But foster mom says, “no grumbling – just sit down and let me see a wagging tail.”  I believe I am a homebody dog.  I hope you will come and meet me and talk to “mom” about me.  I could be the perfect dog to add to your home and family.  Lots of love and kisses from Lily

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