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My friend Tianna and I have both recently retired from the puppy making business. The best place to start beginning our new lives is with AGA! Except for one big NO to cats, I am a happy girl and I sure love to play and be with people of all sizes. Dogs too are on my OK list but riding in the car and going for a swim are things I’d almost rather do than anything else! I am 6 years old and I think that is the perfect age for a golden! I know all about house manners, walking with a leash and good behavior. The other day I spotted something that looked like it needed to be chased, it was called “DEER”. I sailed right over the foster’s 4 foot fence so now I must have a 6 foot one! I was like an airplane taking off! Please help me get my retirement off to a great start if you are looking for a new family member. Just a reminder though, I am committed to the “Zero Cat”, “No short Fence” policies! Kisses from Lizzie

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