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Maggie is a wonderful 15 week old female golden retriever. Her Mom was cited by the county for having too many dogs and had to give some up. Her mom chose the youngest dogs like Maggie and Jeffery because they would have the easiest time adjusting to new families. Maggie didn’t have to wait long — maybe two hours — for her new family. They had been waiting for a puppy just like her…. and decided they would rather stay home with their new dog during spring break than go somewhere else. Maggie is now Phoebe and she has a stay at home Mom, a Dad whom she has managed to wrap around her paw big time and two kids to play with and raise. Her boy will teach her how to play ball and her girl has all these beenie babies and girly things. Phoebe is one lucky puppy. When last seen she was carpooling with Mom and enjoying being the center of attention everywhere she went. Can you spell s-p-o-i-l-e-d?