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My owner/breeder sent me to AGA to find a better life and learn how to be a family dog.  Up until now my “family” has been three other girl dogs in an outdoor pen, but I have all paws crossed to find a real home of my own.  I was supposed to be a mama dog but I never did have any puppies and so my owner felt I should have another kind of life – that is – a family dog.  I am just 2 years old and I’m told, a beautiful English Cream golden.  I am a bit on the shy side with strangers but like other dogs and am waiting to see what it is like to meet a cat and some kids.  To be honest, I am scared of those things people use to celebrate – you know the ones that go “POP”, “POP”,”POP” up high in the air.  I need a quiet place to hide until they are gone, and people to tell me I am safe.  I am so excited to be looking for a home where I will be welcomed and loved a lot.  Lots of love from Marley

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