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Hello all!  I am a three year old girl and have decided to look for a new home.  I have been here since I was a puppy but things changed and I had to share all the attention with a baby.  Now I hear another baby is on the way and that’s too much for me!  I am sad to say I nipped the first baby but no one can say for sure, why.  Best that I move on and find a home with no babies in it or babies that visit!  Also, once I got into an argument with a dog that lived with another family so I am not anxious to share a home with one, although I normally love other dogs.  My owners said that it was just not understandable for me to act up, so maybe I just need a place that is calm and quiet and no stress going on.  Just a chance to “unwind” and be my regular sweet self.  Please meet me and we can have a conversation and see if we match.  Thank you very much, Millie

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