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Happy Days ahead!  There wasn’t much to be happy about before I came to AGA but Mily just told me that Sharon and Greg Waymire are sponsoring us both for our HW treatments!!  We would be dancing a doggie jig except we have to be quiet when we are getting the special medicine.  I can’t even begin to imagine what $2,000 looks like since dogs don’t have jobs or paychecks!  It is a very special donation in memory of their precious dog Dakota.  I know they miss their friend so much.  And big hugs to Sharon and Greg from me!

How come it is that just when things are looking up something comes along and knocks you back down?  I got lost from my home some time ago.  But then someone came along and took care of me and then I got lost again!  Some shelter folks picked me up, found my “chip” and called my owners.  They said they’d come and get me right away but they didn’t and said they didn’t want to see me ever again.  Then AGA said I could be one of their orphans, but when I got to my new doctor I was told I had heartworms.  See?  Just when something good happens, something bad follows right behind.  So let’s hope things get better and if you could help it would be fantastic.  I need $1,000 to pay for the medicine I need to get rid of the darn things!  It seems like a lot of dollars but maybe you could get a team together for me and everyone take part?  I am just four years old and they say I could win a Miss Personality contest.  I try to always be sweet but am not a dog’s dog.  I love treats and my manners are perfect as I am very gentle taking them from you.  They say I am a “mix” but except for my size (34 pounds), I look mostly like a golden.  Considering the probability that I ran away twice, I absolutely need a safe fence and no children that will leave the door open.  The open road is very tempting!!  I am also a “chewer” if I am left alone or feel tied down.  Are there any people who can be my sponsor angels?  For once I would like something good (like AGA taking me in) to keep on being a whole lot of good things.  Thank you, thank you.  Lots of hope and lots of love from Mollee

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