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Nicholas, a young male golden who is about 1 year old, was turned into the shelter with no reason given. We soon found out the reason we think. This big boy had never been trained and his manners were terrible. So, we found a foster family who devoted lots of time and attention to him. They made great progress with him and then it was time to go off to boarding school. In no time Nick was ready to find his new family. Because he was“all-Golden”, Nicholas was best suited for someone who had experience with goldens and would understand him. A wonderful family who had recently lost their beloved golden was looking for another golden. Their home was just not the same…it was just empty with no golden hair around. They wanted a female or so they thought — until they met Nicholas. He melted their hearts and he just went crazy over the little girls. This goofy, doofy boy was in love! Mom and Dad say it feels like Nicholas has been with them for years. Even the cats are coming around. Life is bueno.