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My family gave me up to AGA so I could find a new home.  I am just too energetic for them.  Anyone carrying a ball or a toy is my best friend!  I know my house manners, and I am just 18 months old and I am a big guy at 66 pounds!  I love to eat socks (don’t ask why) and to pull the stuffing out of toys.  Once I ate a certain kind of dog food and it got stuck in my insides.  Ugh, that was not fun!  The vet said I was a handsome boy but a little jittery on my first trip there.  The second trip was better!  I know how to stay in a crate (certainly not a fun place) and like the company of older kids.  Is there a family out there who can keep up with me, so I have lots of activity and can use up some of my energy?  I am waiting to meet you!  Come see me!  Pongo

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