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Meet the big man – Sammy – a golden pyreenes mix weighing in at around 90 pounds. This big teddy bear is about 3.5 years old and was found when he walked right up to the front porch of a house out in the country and just made himself at home. Unfortunately, that house already had four dogs and Sammy couldn’t stay. Fortunately, they called us. When we heard Sammy was as sweet as he was big, there was no question that we could find him a good home. So, we took Sammy to adoption day where he charmed everyone and must have gotten 100 bellyrubs that day. One of those bellyrubs was given by his future mom who had been looking for another dog to complete their family. Zena, the warrior princess, needed a brother and Sammy (or could it be Sampson) was just what they were looking for. Yes, Sammy has made himself right at home and is getting used to never being alone ever again. He sure loves his new backyard and adores his little sister so much that he let’s her win all the games. (We’ll see how long that lasts)!