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Champ Lanning


Pete the Dog

Ella Carling's birthday

Tucker Painter

Chuck Knotts

Lauren Genkinger

The New England Patriots


AGA President Lauren Genkinger for bringing our girl Honor Atlanta to our family

Nancy Porteous

All McQuaid Goldens - Past, Present & Future!

Mark & Kaitlin

Karen & Jay Garner

Joy - AGA Permanent Foster

Mike & Ann McQuaid

Laura, Abby & Ashley Beck

Jerry & Gloria McQuaid

Chris, Megan, Eli, Will & AndrewMcCollum

Martha & Lanny Reich

Mary Ann Green

Mark McCord & Family

Jane High

Margo Corey


Amy Works

Sugar Cookie Goldendoodle

Jim Nodar

Christy Eckoff

Cathy Maher

Biscuit (Cathy & John Purcell)


Duke & Duchess

John & Cindylu Brubaker

All the volunteers at AGA that make this organization special

Yonca Agatan

Lucky Ponder


Buddy (TD4 Haystack) & his friends

Dr. E. C. Patterson

Susan Finley

Astro & Sofie

Pat McCarty

My awesome AGA girl Bailey

Maggie May


Bailey Wertheimer

Diane & Rick Knotts

Luis, Devonna & Riley Cabrera


Sam, Truman & Bubba Erwin

AGA dogs Tory & Tucker TD7

Allison Antony Carico

All AGA's Volunteers

Robert Hansil

Murphy and our own Luke

Princess Josephson

Mark & Danielle McQuaid

Mark McQuaid

Michael & Palma Young

Kristen - Glitter & Lucky's Foster Mom

Jane Sowell

Lisle Ventura

Joy & our beloved 13 yr old rescue Buck (fka Romeo)


Joy & her foster family

Annabelle Marias

Susan Finley


Laura Salm


Susan Finley

Suzanne Bliss

Susan Finley

Jody Robinson

BJ Foster & Judie Keen


Toni Wallace

Heather Ardston

Kimberly Thomas's 50th Birthday

Michelle Stoffle


Lisle Ventura

Gail Pickel

Toby (Dempsey) Chen

William Whitlock


Susan Finley

William Whitlock

Sunny Chandler

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Osterland

Bella Burford Wellons

Vonda Rice

Ann E. Simmons

Lois Bernice Nichols Phillips

Ann E. Simmons

Lois Bernice Nichols Phillips

Ann E. Simmons (Mom)