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Good Fences Make Good Dogs! We prefer that all AGA dogs go to homes with fences.

Adopt A Golden Atlanta requires a fenced in yard for all homes with children 6 years old and under. In addition, Adopt A Golden Atlanta reserves the right to require standard fencing for certain dogs in the program (puppies, puppy mill dogs, strays for example), regardless of whether there are children in the home or not. Anyone can submit in writing a request for a fence waiver if extenuating circumstances exist.

WOOD PRIVACY FENCES are preferred if they are 5 to 6 feet tall and gates are secure with latches that are dog proofed. Signs posted on the gate warning that a dog may be inside alerts landscapers and others to be careful when entering and will be a reminder to secure the gate upon leaving

CHAIN LINK FENCES are also acceptable for most dogs although dogs can be stolen and harmed due to their visibility. Some dogs, particularly those with Great Pyrenees genes, can easily scale a standard chain link fence in no time at all, so please consult your fence contractor for a secure remedy.

INVISIBLE FENCING is acceptable for some dogs and not for others. Adopt A Golden Atlanta reserves the right to decline placement of a dog who is not a good candidate for an invisible fence into a home with such fencing. The only acceptable invisible fencing is the Invisible Fence brand, Dog Watch Hidden Fence brand, and Dog Guard.